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Anahata Yoga & Healing Arts Training School


You do not need to have a desire to teach in order to benefit greatly from this program!  Anahata Yoga teacher training program will offer many topics around Yoga & Healing Arts, Western/Eastern elements of yoga, hands on work, weekend immersions.  For those that seek to be Certified you must complete at least 350 hours of this training course. This program is open for those interested in deepening personal yoga practice, those that seek to teach Yoga & help others, those that just want more insight on modification, adapting or modifying practice aspects of Yoga and other specialized topics of practice & philosophy. 


Here’s how yoga teacher training benefits the body, mind & spirit:


Body – Teacher training will give you the tools to practice more self-care and feel strong and healthy in your body. In training, you will learn about the physical body in great detail as you learn about the alignment and benefits of postures. You will be immersed in functional anatomy so you can understand how the poses affect your body and how to feel good in them. This learning will help you to limit future injuries, or recover from a current one. You will also learn how to modify and adjust poses for yourself and others so you can share this practice and teach if you want to.  You will learn to challenge your limits through extensive physical practice.  You will be more willing to break the boundaries that you placed on yourself and learning new and challenging poses.


Mind - Teacher Training is a great way to expand and still your mind!  You will be reading the Yoga Sutras, the ancient philosophical texts of yoga that teach practitioners how to manage the workings of the mind through focus, discipline, practice and meditation. You will learn the obstacles that we all face and how the benefits of yoga can shift your awareness and create a more positive frame of mind.  You will gain a broader understanding yoga which will deepen your practice and help you to apply yoga to other all aspects of your life.  Teacher training can help you to move through life challenges and transitions with better ease and less stress.


Spirit:  Teacher Training can help you to access the non-physical aspects of the self.  Your energy, emotions, character, intuition and things that we can’t perceive with the physical eyes but that we understand are part of our human design.  Understanding how to light up from the inside and create an empowered life will help you to open your voice, access your heart and deepen your compassion and love for yourself and those around you.  In a teacher training you are always sharing parts of yourself with a safe and loving community.  You will build life-long friendships and a great community that feeds your spirit.





Course taught by Jessa Tarbert and Guest Instructors 


This comprehensive Yoga training follows industry guidelines


Cost: $2100 

Payment plan options!! 

The following shows the subject/topics this course is designed to cover

350+ hours of Yoga Training


(#of hours)



Asana (80) , Meditation (20), Pranayama(15), Mudras(5), Bandhas(5) & Mantra/Japa(5)


Teaching Methodology ~ Instruction & demo of:

Asana(20), Meditation (10), Pranayama (10), Mudras & Bandhas (5)


Anatomy & Physiology (western & eastern):

also includes Subtle body (Nadis & chakras)  (35)


Yoga Philosophy ~ roots of Hatha Yoga

Raja- yoga sutras (15), Bhakti yoga (5), Jnana Yoga (5), Karma yoga (5)


Yogic Diet/ Basic overview of Ayurveda "sister science of Yoga"

Clean eating, understand Guna & Dosha (15)


Business of Yoga:

"how to" start up classes, market/flyers, insurance, business license (15)


Ethics of Teaching Yoga:

proper relationship and adjustments with peoples bodies (10)



Supervised Teaching/ written assignment

Asana (25)

Meditation (10)

Pranayama (10)


Mentorship with a Teacher:

 program Lead Jessa unless otherwise stated (20)



workshops/special classes/studies/reading/writing(20)




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