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Community yoga $10-15 each 

Private session 1hr $50-65 each session


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Riverside CA -

for class schedule and info about studio contact   - Kellie Boiston 

Email Jessa 



on Instagram @yoginijessa


2021 Online Teaching Schedule

*Weekly Community Yoga
Mon @4:30pm 

Tues @6pm
Thur @4:30pm 

Email me to receive Zoom Login
Classes are all Levels Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative
props helpful), Breathwork & Meditation encouraged
Private client & Consulting sessions available for bookings. 
or (NEW Oregon) phone 
*Currently not with in Cell service range I may only check phone messages once per week, Email is preferred for now* I am on Telegram App :-) 

 We are now living in Southern Oregon, Pursuing Long term goals of a more Sustainable Living, Gardening- Permaculture, offering Yoga sessions, Workshop and Retreat Immersions Online via Zoom.