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YOGA Tutoring 

Mind Body Spirit   Immersion


Yoga Tutoring offered by Jessa Tarbert, E-RYT, Yoga Professional with over 20yrs  

practicing. Over the past 15years teaching full time and she opened Anahata Yoga Studio in Riverside CA May 2009. In April 2020, studio closed and Jessa moved to southern Oregon to begin the next chapter. Teaching online and in Southern Oregon.  Grants Pass, Williams & Jacksonville area. See GBHC page for more information.


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In the Origins you learn Yoga was NEVER "group" class  

I love that I've been able to go deeper with some people over the years. This is one of the ways you may seek deep practice by investing in Yoga Immersion. These packages allow you to have Yoga-Coaching One-on-One time plus class pass (online session and in studio) 

Group classes are wonderful but very hard to go deep and make specific so these Immersions are very special and individualized.

Content is student specific when working One-on-One:

Yoga asana, Energy flow, Alignment, Mudra, Affirmation, Viniyoga, Mantra, Sequencing, yoga props, Modification & Adaptation, Healing work, Chakra understanding, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Ayurvedic basics, Breathing practices, Kriya's, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Yogi's Diet, Yoga's Spiritual aspects and Philosophy of Raja Yoga. Healing are services of Reiki, AromaTouch or Vibrational Sound Healing.

Package #1 

3 month immersion 25hrs Yoga tutor training hrs (choose topics of focus) $800

*10 classes (11hrs)
*14 private contact hours

Package #2 

5 month immersion 50hrs Yoga tutoring training hrs (choose topics of focus) $1500

*20 classes (23hrs)
*27 private contact hours

Package #3

7 month immersion 75hrs Yoga tutoring training hrs (choose topics of focus) $1700

*30 classes (34 hrs)
*40 private contact hours

*Certificate of Completion from Anahata Yoga Healing Arts*


YES these Immersion Hours can be rolled into Anahata Yoga & Healing Arts Training School!!



Jessa Tarbert
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